Culture Explorers Global

Global cultural explorers brings campers from all over the world to top tier cities in North America to experience life with locals, improve their cultural awareness, complete rigorous projects with peers, and build connections that last a life time.

Camp + City


14 days at natural summer camp.

Campers from USA and China live, play and work together in traditional American camp setting. International campers engage in project based learning that develops their academic and 21st century skills.


3 days in a global city.

Combine the traditional American camp experience with an guided exploration into North America's most significant and unique metropolises.

Choose your city

Have a unique camp and city experience each year by exploring different cities. Choose from the top cities in North America, selected for their culture, media, business, and historical significance. Campers will combine their camp program with cultural city tours.

New York


Washington DC



Toronto ( Ca )

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Houston & Dallas

Austin & San Antonio


Charleston, SC