CIT Leadership Porgram

Are you a rising 10th-12th grader who is ready for a different kind of camp experience? Are you ready to take on a role of responsibility where you get to practice real hands-on leadership every day?

We’ve created the CIT Leadership Program for high schoolers who are ready for more. This is a two-week program that challenges high school students to step into leadership roles with younger campers depending on them to perform. If that sounds exciting, this program is for you. If that sounds a little bit intimidating, this program is probably also for you.

The 21st Century workplace is becoming more and more a dynamic team-based environment that requires leadership skills. We want you to be prepared, and the best way to develop those skills is to practice.

Practice Real Leadership Skills

What’s the best way to build the skills of leadership? Just like any skill, we think it starts with practice.

The CIT Leadership Program gives high school students hands-on leadership experience by pairing them with groups of younger campers to help lead activities. We’ve found that the only real difference between leading a group of 8-year olds and a group of adults is the length of the words that you use. Almost all of the other necessary skills remain the same.

We then have a CIT Breakout at least once per day to discuss what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to leading a group. CIT’s are also given individual feedback to apply. We are invested in helping you develop the skills of leadership, and this program is meant to give you every opportunity to practice those skills.

What else do CIT's do at camp?

In many respects, campers will treat CIT’s just like counselors. CIT’s won’t ever hold ultimate responsibility for a camper’s supervision, but they will get a chance to lead activities by themselves.

In addition to Breakout sessions, CIT’s will have a few special activities each week that are separate from the rest of the camp program. CIT’s can expect to work and be pushed as a part of this program, but we make sure that it’s still fun as well.

Why two weeks?

We require that CIT’s come for at least two weeks because it takes that long to make real strides in developing leadership skills. The first week is often spent just getting used to leading groups and gathering feedback. The second week is when CIT’s have an opportunity to apply what they have learned and make meaningful improvements.

CIT’s are welcome to come for longer than two weeks, as well. As with any skill, the more practice you get the more development you will see.

How to Register as a CIT

Use the regular registration system to sign up as a CIT. The only requirement is that the first two weeks you attend need to be consecutive. 
After that, you are welcome to attend as a CIT any other weeks of the summer as well. The registration system will alert us that you are a CIT based on your grade level.

Also use coupon code "CIT2017" to reduce the price of any session to $200 for CIT's.