Sports and Adventure at Charlotte Day Camp

Sports and Adventure Program for 2018

Some campers like to be ACTIVE, and Sports and Adventure is the category for them. There are two options this summer: Sports Inventors and Adventure Week.

Sports Inventors focuses on active games and new sports while guiding campers through a Design Thinking process to invent a new sport of their own creation. 
Adventure Week is made up of daily field trips all around the Charlotte area. Both programs are very active, but still map to learning and growth outcomes for the campers. 

What Campers Will Learn in Sports Inventors

  • Learn rules and strategies to new team sports each week. 
  • Learn and apply a design thinking process to invent and test a brand new game or sport.
  • Practice creativity, communication, and collaboration by working as a group to design, test, and optimize their new sport.
  • Practice sportsmanship and teamwork, which are actively modeled by counselors. 

What Campers Will Learn during Charlotte Adventure Week

  • Campers will explore their own city through daily field trips. 
  • Learning outcomes will depend on the specific field trips for each week. 
  • Charlotte Adventure Week has a little bit more Fun than it does Growth and Learning, but sometimes that's okay. 

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