Helping Charlotte Families Have A Great Summer Experience

We think that all children should have the opportunity to Grow, Learn, and have Fun over the summer. To help give that opportunity to as many children as possible, we are happy to offer several discounts and scholarships to Charlotte families. However, we are not able to combine offers, so pick the one that is best for you!

Multiple Week Discounts

We love to get to know campers for multiple weeks over the summer! If you send your camper to camp for multiple weeks, you can earn discounts on registration.

Two or more weeks: If your camper registers for two or more weeks, we can offer 10% off the total registration. Use coupon code "MULTIPLE10" when registering. 

"Half Summer" Discount: If your camper comes to camp for 4+ weeks, we can offer 20% off from the total registration. Use coupon code "HALFSUMMER20" when registering.

"All Summer" Discount: Some parents look for one "all summer" solution, and we love to get to know campers for the whole summer! If your camper comes to camp for 8+ weeks, we can offer 30% off from the total registration. Use coupon code "ALLSUMMER30" when registering.

Public Service Appreciation Discount

Charlotte Day Camp is happy to support parents who work to serve the public. If you are a teacher, police officer, firefighter, a member of the military, or work in any other public service career, you may use coupon code "PUBLICSERVICE" for 20% off your camp tuition. 

*Coupons may not be combined, but if a parent using the Public Service Appreciation Discount is sending a camper for 4 or more weeks, he or she may use coupon code "PUBLICSERVICE30" to receive 30% off. 


Charlotte Day Camp is also happy to offer need and merit based scholarships. There are a limited number of scholarships that we can offer each year, so please don't hesitate to apply. 

Please download and fill out our 2017 Scholarship Application and return it to camps@charlottedaycamp.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tax Deductions for Day Camp

Day Camp Tax Deductions

Day Camp is tax deductible for all your children who attend camp. This Investopedia Article fully details the tax credit you can take advantage of to utilize your tax credits. 

The Bottom Line:

Working parents with school-age children can use the Child and Dependent Care Credit to help balance the cost of Day Camp. Bear in mind this is not an upfront savings but will reduce your taxable income come April tax time.